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"I told myself to value myself."

I remember about ten years ago, when I left Vietnam. At that time, I had a feeling of disappointment. The nostalgia for my homeland put a pain in my heart. But after two years, I tried to assimilate into the American life. Everyday, I would learn English and about the culture of the United States. Then life is passing by, my spirit is stable, sadness is also lessened. I consider life precious to myself. I cherish myself. I told myself to value myself.

There is a song that I like, it seems like the voice of singer Elvis Phuong, has the first 2 sentences like this:

“Dear friend, try to love people,

Even though people don’t love you,

Try to love people

Although people still tell you many lies. . . “

My motto is: laugh at least 7 times a day, live optimistically, and love life.


Society, relatives who love us a lot but I still need to fulfill our responsibility. Now I am nearly 70  years old, thinking about my youthful ambition, what I have accomplished and what I have not achieved. Now I learn to tell myself how to determine “Enough”. Knowing how to find peace in order  to have a happy and healthy life for my old age.