It's Okay to ask for help



"I spent 17 years trying to quit meth, but I ended up relapsing."

I am writing this story with hopes that it can be of strength to those who are suffering from addiction. I am a 40 year old male. Since I was 23 years old, I have been using crystal meth. Consequently, I have lost many things during this time. I spent 17 years trying to quit meth, but I ended up relapsing. By the age of 38, I started using heroin as well. I would use both drugs simultaneously for the next two years. During that time, I lost everything and reached the lowest point in my life. Unable to pay rent, I lost my home, car, and job. I eventually found myself on the streets. 

At that time, my mother connected me to the organization called KCS. This is where I first found out about the treatment drug Vivitrol. At first, I was very uncertain about the efficiency of this drug and was unsure if it was helping. After a few months of treatment, I am now at my tenth month of being drug-free. 


Furthermore, I have gained the courage and confidence that I will not be going back to using substances. I am so proud of myself. Looking back at the drastic transformation that I went through ever since coming to KCS with the goal of becoming drug-free. To those who are going through similar experiences, I would sincerely like to encourage you in your journey and wish you the best.