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"When work was not satisfactory, they hurt and tortured us until we died."

By N. SROUY (English Translated Version)

I miss the past, that is a fact without speaking.

Miss the history of the Khmer kingdom, the sorrow that was deep in the heart.

Pol Pot era, cruelty occurred,

Millions of Cambodians facing crisis, lord had no mercy for the citizens.

Working non-stop, morning to night, daily to no end,

Weary hard work, could not complain; the adults and children had to work.

We overworked, then we got sick from the lack of nutrients,

The truth was there was no food. despite our hunger, received no sympathy or any mercy.

The sick got no care, being left like animals, to suffer alone;

Some got severe, and passed away, males and females, one after another.

Thin light clothes, still shivering, could not beat the cold air,

When wind blew and rain stormed, it could not provide any warmth.

When work was not satisfied, they hurt and tortured us until we died. 

They called it “fixing” and took us away, though no one did ever return.

Lived like animals, depressed and in pain, every individual,

Some lose consciousness, become crazy because the pain was too tremendous.

And their families, separated in despair, every day and night,

isolated from relatives, so painfully, left their loved ones, like everyone else.

From today on, every Cambodian citizen, please follow up,

Learn about news and politics, in the city and rural provinces, participate and unite.