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"Alcohol was always displayed at home when I was a child."

Hi, my name is Sinah and I am a recovering alcoholic. I am one of the few blessed ones that have a success story and I’d like to share it in hopes it touches the hearts of those who are struggling with what I once was experiencing. 

Alcohol was always displayed at home when I was a child. My parents would shop for alcohol and accept alcohol as gifts for the holidays. They’d host ongoing parties and offer alcohol to their guests. I was always present at these events. Looking back, I wish I hadn’t been exposed to alcohol so early in life. I remember seeing the happy faces light up and people turning so happy after they’d sip on their martinis. When I was in middle school and I started gaining some independence, I asked my friend to join me as I tried my first drink. That’s where it all started. Eventually, my parents would notice the shelves in the pantry going empty. They wondered where all the drinks went, and when they found out it was me, I got kicked out. This led me to wandering the streets looking for booze. Homelessness was not easy, but alcohol kept me living in my imaginary mindset, one that doesn’t not remind me that I am a lonely alcohol addict. 

"Within three months, I was clean."


About a year of what I consider the worst time of my life had passed. I was approached by a nice man at a mosque. He asked me if I needed help, and I ceased the moment by sharing my story and my addiction. He immediately referred me to Access California Services. The counselor at Access Cal informed me of an alcohol addiction facility that treats people with a substance abuse disorder like my own. The therapist reminded me that I had a goal in life, and my vision was to grow wise, establish a career, and create a family of my own. I was confident that I can pursue these elements in life, but there was no way I can move on in life until I get rid of this vicious addiction that keeps me down.

Within three months, I was clean. With the staff’s care, therapy, and mindful practices, I learned to cope through my urges to have alcohol, and, more importantly, I found alternative options to substitute for the pleasant feelings I would get from alcohol. I learned that my mind is much stronger than I thought. It’s all in the passion to change. If you stay true to your beliefs, you will help yourself come out of what you may consider the worst time of your life.