It's ok to ask for help

Story II


"See for yourself how your messages are heard by the universe, and be witness to the nurturing of your soul."

When you are sad, what do you do? Whom do you go to?

Do you believe in the language of the world, its signs, and its compassionate stance? In my personal life, I have felt lonely many times in carrying the burdens of the world on my feeble shoulders. I feel constricted; despair and sadness overtook me. I have often prayed for a hand and some encouraging words from someone who can lift me up and help me carry on. There was no compassionate hand or any words. It was then that I came across a book. This lifeless book gave me life and spoke to me of good days.

Maybe you cannot believe this, but when sadness comes, if we are aware and if we can seek a voice to soothe us, we will find the voice through the universe. I once read in a book that “the universe has a voice that everyone can hear, but they have forgotten about it.” Since the beginning of childhood, I have come across the word despair sooner and more frequently than I cared to. I experienced sadness sooner than joy. I heard about the voice of the world, and I soothed my pain through that.

All of us can find such inspiration from hearing the conversation of two people in the street, reading a book, or even watching the play of two children. In this way, we can build a bridge from our sadness and despair to a new ground of joy and light.

"One day, I decided to end the sadness that was a reminder of my past."


Rest assured that when we look for true peace, the whole universe is going to collaborate so that we can fulfill our desires. You may ask how the universe would collaborate. I will tell you my story.

One day, I decided to end the sadness that was a reminder of my past. I really wanted that from the bottom of my heart. A friend recommended that I see a psychologist. In the beginning, I denied it, but then I decided that apart from food for my body, I needed food for my soul. I was supposed to listen to the voice of the universe, and a therapist might provide one such voice. She recommended the Art Stigma classes, and I attended the first session.

In the first session, I hesitated to write, but my courage was mustered by an individual who attended the class. He told us, “Write simply. Let go and even be okay with writing badly.” This person was Master Hojat Amani, and with his  his beautiful speech from far away, he encouraged me to open my heart and express my untold stories.

One day when I was hopeless and felt pain, I was looking for a companion from the universe. In the middle of my tears, I glanced at my phone and saw this message:

Be quiet my dear. Be calm.

Life is the story of the sea,

Often the brightness of the sun.

In the taste and the glare of the salt, there is joy.

Other times, we collapse, we close our eyes, everywhere is dark.

Be quiet, my dear.

Be quiet.

Again we come out of the sea or the melted ice, and we come from the point

From which we wished to rise again.

Yes, Mr. Amani shared these lines in our Telegram group, and I got my message from these lines. Without knowing my state of mind, he became a messenger showing me that the universe supplies good messages.

In the end, I encourage you, the reader, to seek help and healing for reducing your inner pains. See for yourself how your messages are heard by the universe, and be witness to the nurturing of your soul.