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"I open my eyes and become ready for another day."

Every morning I open my eyes to the painting hanging in my room. An energetic girl is playing with a piglet on a green hill.

Piglet! Before this, I could not imagine that one can have a piglet to play with.

My room is warm, and the golden light meets my skin after passing through the curtains.

My jaw and temple hurt, a pain that sometimes comes to me from grinding my teeth at night after a nightmare.

My heartbeat has started again, fast heartbeats in the cage of my chest . . . again the fast heartbeats.

But every day I am thankful for three things:

I am happy for a heart that beats in my chest,
The inhale and exhale that comes in and out very fast,
And teardrops that fall, washing my eyes so I can see with more purity.
I close my eyes. I imagine being that girl who is playing with that piglet. Aha! All the heartbeats were from going up and down the hill because I carried the piglet up the hill. My tears were for the wind that blew into my eyes. I open my eyes and become ready for another day.