"I realized that everyone has problems."

Today our class was about the unspoken words, the repressed emotions, and the old complexes that have been buried within us.

This is my takeaway:

I realized that everyone has problems. Many years ago when I was in Iran, I remember I was very shy and did not want to talk about my problems. I have heard from many that when you have a dream, you should not disclose it to others because many, especially Iranians, like to comment even when they don’t know anything about it. They try to interpret and see problems from their own formulations and ideas.

Many years later, I heard that if you had a bad dream or have a problem, write about it. Go to nature, to the beach or the river, or your backyard, or even to nearby water, and talk to them as if you are speaking with a person. I often do this.

Recently, I read in a book not to confide in anyone regardless of your positive or negative perspective. Just speak to yourself, the divine within you, and ask to receive an answer. You may not succeed the first few times, but you ultimately can succeed in doing so.

Since I have read on this topic, I go for walks, and I hug trees and lean on them. I say “Hi!” to the mountains, to the flowers, and to the sun and the moon. I thank God for all the beauty that surrounds us. This has really helped me. I am very thankful.

"I felt lighter, and we enjoyed talking to one another."


We spoke of fears, failures, lovelessness, annoyances, and the news of the day, and at the end we spoke of hope. It was truly a good class because we had to confide in one another. I felt lighter, and we enjoyed talking to one another.

I think all of us are growing, and we have gained more awareness as a byproduct of our active participation. In turn, this awareness has led to more joy and greater ability to know ourselves and others. In addition, we have learned to be thankful for what we possess. We also try to forgive people who have done us wrong because they have probably done this wrong based on ignorance or fear. Maybe they have never had the chance to be truly loved or to love others. Forgiving them helps us to be in peace.