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"Everyday, I would just eat, sleep and play games."

When I was in high school, I failed to graduate. I was in crisis mode and very depressed. Afterwards I would play games to drown out the feelings and to forget reality. Everyday, I would just eat, sleep and play games. My parents advised me and encouraged me so many times, but I couldn’t quit gaming. When I was in school, I got bullied, so I am used to being alone. I did really poorly in school. I used to play games all night long. When my parents found out, they helped me quit gaming to have a better life. 

My first love not only cheated on me, he also owed me money and wouldn’t pay me back. I felt extremely exhausted and mentally hurt. I went out with him one night. I was drunk and he took all of my jewelry. My parents were so worried because I didn’t come home that night. They couldn’t find me; they could only pray for me. I came home safely the next day. My parents were so happy to see me. After that day, I felt bad about myself. I had poor appetite and trouble falling to sleep.
My parents tried to save me and help me out of my dead end. They told me to shape up to think about the future. We will move to America. We will have a better life. I was wise to listen to my parents and change my life when I move to America.