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Father by Mahshid

My father left without me
Like a fish without water
Like a bird without wings
Like a candle without light
Like any fatherless person, sorrowful.
My father left and did not see us.
So I can kiss him goodbye.
So I can smell him.

So I can embrace his lifeless body.
So I can look at him.
So I can be filled with his longing.
So I can tell him, “You are content with your departure
Since you are hopeful to see the paradise.”
“So you can see your God.”
“So you can be filled with His love.”
It was his love that took you;
Otherwise it was not your time.
My father left and I did not get to see him.
My father left me behind
Like a fish without water,
Like a bird without wings,
Like a candle without light.
My father left me behind.