It's ok to ask for Help



I lived with my parents and my sister. My mother neglected me for as long as I can remember. She favored my sister and I never knew why she did not like me. There were times as a pre-teen where she would kick me out of the house and I had to spend the night at my grandma’s house. I believe that my mother’s negligence was guiding me through the path that I took. 

I was fifteen years old when I met my girlfriend in High School. We started going to flyer parties together. I made many friends at the flyer parties and I started to become popular in High School. The new friends that I made at the flyer parties introduced me to opioids.  I started to fail my classes and my relationship with my family was deteriorating.

"They were tired of me coming back home drugged out."

My girlfriend was also following through the same path that I was. We would drink alcohol and consume drugs at the flyer parties. There was finally a time when my family had enough. They were tired of me coming back home drugged out. My parents kicked me out at 17. I had no option but to go live with my girlfriend’s family. My life did a complete 360 once I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant.

 I decided to enroll in Adult classes so I could complete my GED. I did not want my daughter to go through what I went through growing up; I wanted a better life for my daughter. I wanted to give her all my attention when she was born and I knew that if I stayed on drugs I would not be able to do that. Thanks to my daughter, I stopped consuming opioids. I am living a better life with my three kids and my wife.